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Here there be Devil's Roosting

A Jesster walks into a Bar...

I'm Jess, artificer of dice, maker of art, haver of dog, and joxulatrix of a podcast - aka The Jesster.

In the art community I'm known as Devil's Roost, working on freelance commissions and anything I can desperately sink my creative hand/claws into. I went to Uni to get an English Masters degree, that I promptly did nothing with, and decided to be a starving artist instead. Good call. 


If people don't know me as Devil's Roost then I'm Jess, or the Jesster, as I'm a goofy idiot, usually found flouncing around, sweeping my cape, yelling at people like I'm some kind of stylish medieval despot. When not D&Ding I'm doing art, and when I have that mythical thing I think some people call 'free time' I'm playing videogames or walking my samoyed, Kiba, mucking about in the forest.

For my personal social medias, art, podcast and other ways to stalk me, you can do that here!
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Prince Bacchus and the adventures of D&D

I got into D&D around 2016, having always wanted to play, but never having anyone interested. A friend invited me into a game and helped me create my first character. Here formed my beloved mascot and sorcerer Prince Bacchus. Originally started as a kind of owlish creature D&D version of a pre-existing character, but has evolved into much more. Now the mascot and logo of Devil's Roost Dice. 

The more D&D I played the more I fell in love with Bacchus and doing idiotic things with my friends in D&D itself. This character and the game are so special to me, especially during the 2020 End Times where there was naught to do but stare at the ceiling indoors, wondering when your next session would be. 

Bacchus, a sorcerer: selfish, bratty, vicious tyrannical dictator chubster with a god complex needed some dice to go along with his vantablack fur. I needed some dice to match my prince, who's fur is so dark that light tumbles down into it screaming, never to escape. I couldn't find anything using the 'Blackest of Black' that I wanted these abyssal rocks to be. The next best thing would be 


After a huge investment of time and funds here I am, a jester artificer creating shiny maths rocks at the whims of the selfish narcissistic royal that lives in my imagination.


 And, I wouldn't have it any other way ♥

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