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Being handmade, they may have some unique bits of character: a micro hole perhaps, a corner chip, maybe a small sanding scratch or slightly uneven sanding. I do my best to make them as near perfect as possible but I personally love these characters, as it adds to the 'made by hand with love and care' of this utterly bespoke bit of rollable art. Please message me for more details if you'd like to know the full ins and outs of any one set before you buy but any major flaws, or anything that would affect the rolling ability the sets will be detailed in the item's description. 
In some cases the dice may have a slight ridge or line based on how they cured in the mould where sanding this would would damage the shape of the dice. I'll usually leaves these in as they are minorly cosmetic and only are noticeable in close scrutiny. 

If you receive your dice and find that you don't like any of the die's characters then please get in touch with me. We can discuss your options and work a solution together. 


To ensure the longevity of your dice store them away from direct sunlight, as too much UV and heat may discolour the resin or inks.
To avoid scratches please roll them in a soft dice tray, or on softer surfaces.
If any scratches or damage occurs I will be happy to explain the repair process, but you may read on my sanding practises in the FAQ here


  1. All prices on the website are including VAT

  2. All prices on the website include all taxes, duties etc. They do not include any customs/import charges that might be added after we've shipped the item, to which you will be responsible for should they occur. 

  3. To shop on you confirm you are 16 years of age or over and have a valid payment card that we accept. If you are under 16, you may still purchase goods as long as you have your parent or guardian’s consent or have the legal right to shop online.

  4. When you have ordered an item from us, you will receive a receipt, which is also confirmation of your purchase.

  5. Normal distance selling terms and conditions apply. 

  6. Normal GDPR applies, you may opt out of cookies on this site

  7. is subject to British Law



Valid credit/debit card
For Commissions I accept PayPal (or known PayPal alternatives) only

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